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Eighth Avenue 487, New York

about us

Who We Are

Yooshi Catering is not just about sushi; it creates a unique, vip experience for every client that “wows” every guest, every time, with an exotic presentation.

We do not follow trends. We create them. We dare to be different.

created with yooshi excellence

Our Great Chefs

The chefs we choose are very creative and have a lot of fun creating various combinations. Every chef is different and offers a fresh and unique style of sushi making. Therefore, we hate giving our rolls generic names. The best name you can give a roll is “Chef’s Creation Roll.”

The Yooshi Vision

Our Goal

Our goal is to become your number one catering option by making sure that all of your needs and requests are taken care of. We believe that the best form of advertisement is a happy customer. We want to make sure you look good and your guests will talk about you; therefore, Everything we do is created with “Yooshi Excellence.”

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what to expect

How It Works

Chefs arrive to the event a few hours before the actual start time of the event, set up a sushi bar, and  prepare assorted rolls, including sushi/sashimi and hand rolls. While guests enjoy an authentic sushi experience they can interact with the chefs and request Custom rolls. We provide the Everything needed for our presentation.

Our basic package incorporates the attention to detail which we became famous for. It has 3 basic options of fish and includes all types of the regular and special rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and even hand rolls. It offers a few vegetarian options, but everything else is mostly raw or seared. It’s designed to impress your guests with the endless combinations of chef’s creations, and at the same time staying within your budget.

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VIP is designed for the client that knows exactly what they want and nothing less of it. Its designed around attention to detail and presentation. It comes with 5 fish options, special rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and even fresh tempura on site. What that means is that you also get fresh crispy rice made right in front of your guests. This is our most popular package loved by most soon to be weds, and executives. With the VIP, you have the option of adding some really cool upgrades which allow you to set yourself apart from the rest. It’s a package detailed around what you want and crave.

Yooshi Sushi Excellence Stamp

Seared albacore and escolar station is a great addition to any sushi station. It could be an upgrade to our sushi packages, or it can be booked as an independent station. This package is designed for clients who want to offer their guests an experience that they will not forget. There is just something captivating about live flames searing the sashimi right in front of you. The aromas will have all of your senses going wild, until the moment you taste the bliss and feel the sashimi melt in your mouth.

Yooshi Sushi Excellence Stamp


Yooshi Sushi Excellence Stamp
created with yooshi excellence

A Package for Every Event

Whether you’re hosting a small or large event, Yooshi will create an experience that will meet your needs.

We specialize in weddings, corporate events, Real estate open houses, Product launches, Bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah parties, holiday parties, or even intimate family events. Upgrades are available in order to meet any of your specifications and expectations. We want to earn your business. We are always available to talk to you and an experience that works for you.

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My name is Michael Monsef and I am an event planner. I have had the pleasure of working with Yooshi sushi for several years now and he is the best of the best. My clients always tell me how amazing the food is and how great his chefs are. I highly recommend yooshi sushi for any and all of your events.

Michael Monsef

We have been customers of Yooshi Sooshi for more than 5 years. We have consistently had a wonderful experience using Farzad and his company, we consistently received a quality product, we consistently have been impressed by the presentation, and we have consistently felt that we were given a great bang for our buck. It is such a relief to know you can rely on the caterer to come through when you are making an important affair. We look forward to making many more parties with this company.

Shaindee Kreitenberg

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